From hand balancing and hip-openers, to courses on Practical Meditation, the philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, or reading and writing Devanagari Sanskrit, I offer a variety of workshops that can be customized and taught anywhere in the world, including YOUR school or studio!

You will find descriptions of available workshops and Yoga Teacher Continuing Education courses below. Click HERE or email for scheduling.


Workshop Categories:


Devanagari and Sanskrit Classes

From breaking down the names of yoga poses and traditional vinyasa counting, to learning to read and write in the ancient writing system of yoga! These classes can count for Continuing Education credit hours, and there are many options available. Click here or on the image for more details and scheduling options.



Asana Workshops

A myriad of movement class options that can be tailored to any student base, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners alike. Click here or on the image for details and scheduling!



Philosophy, Meditation, and Mythology

This is where things get DEEP.
Practical Meditation, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Stories behind the Asanas, and many more classes sure to enrich the mind and soul. Click here or on the picture of Patanjali for details and scheduling.