Asana Workshops

“The rhythm of poetry is the rhythm
of the moving body and its breath.”
-Rika Lesser

Teacher trainings, studio workshops, group and corporate classes, and even one-on-one instruction is available. These classes can apply for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours, and classes on specific skills (like handstands and hand-balancing canes) can be arranged upon request – click the link below to schedule.

Below is a list of pre-planned workshops and trainings, but custom courses and private instruction can be scheduled by clicking here:


IMG_8397Introduction to Arm Balances and Inversions (Beginner)

Designed specifically for practitioners who are new to arm balances and inversions or who have avoided them in the past due to injuries. No matter the situation, with the use of props and super-detailed, step by step instruction, this class is sure to get you upside down safely and while having fun!


The Inversion Trinity (Intermediate)17498828_1506185442749168_1007153307803887528_n

Focusing on the “big three” inversions found in the yoga practice, this workshop details fundamental alignment principles and technique building drills for mastering the headstand, the forearm balance, and developing a successful and sustainable handstand practice.


IMG_9430It’s All in the Hips (Intermediate)

Explore the entire range of motion of the hips in this 2 hour workshop that details posture progressions and mobility drills for taking your hip-opener practice to the next level. Legs behind the head? Forward bends? Splits? Back bends?
It’s all in the hips…


“Body not stiff, Mind stiff.”
-Pattabhi Jois