Devanāgarī and Sanskrit

Intro Level courses on pronunciation of Sanskrit pose names, counting, and common yoga terminology are available and popular in teacher trainings; or dive in deep while learning how to read and write Sanskrit in the beautiful Devanāgarī script! For as complex as it looks, it’s much easier to learn that it would seem, and over the course of five short 2-hour class periods, you too can learn to read, write, and understand this ancient writing system! Below are detailed descriptions of the available courses and workshops, and private lessons are available as well!

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Available Courses:

  • Introduction to Sanskrit – Sacred Sounds
  • Sanskrit for Yoga Practitioners & Teachers – Preserving an Ancient Tradition
  • Devanagari I – Learn to Read and Write
  • Devanagari II – Going Beyond the Basics
  • Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar – Just When You Thought You Knew It All