Practical Meditation


What is meditation anyway?

  • is it just turning off my brain?
  • is it just sitting and thinking about nothing? is that even possible?!
  • how does one know if they’re even doing it correctly?

and my favorite question about meditation.. WHY would I even want to meditate??

That’s what this class offers to shed light on. What meditation really is, How to effectively start a meditation practice, and maybe most importantly, WHY we would want to meditate in the first place.

The answers are simple, but complicated to enact.
The process is straight forward, but riddled with roadblocks and obstacles.
However, the benefits of any effort made are assuredly well worth the endeavor!

“Clarity”, “Stability”, “Understanding”, “Awakening”, and “Realization”…
These in and of themselves are not the result of meditation, they are simply words used to describe the state of awareness that comes from a meditation practice.

The truth is far more interesting…


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“Who am I?”

This fundamental question is the very essence of what mediation is.
We use the term “my” possessively to imply ownership over things and to indicate that something is separate from “us” quite often, but if we examine our own words more closely, we may derive some deeper insight into who we really are.

For instance, when someone says, “my car”, “my house”, “my job”, or even “my family”. We know that the implication there is that those things belong to or are somehow connected to the speaker, but they are not the speaker. So who are they? Obviously they are not these things that they identify as theirs, but if that’s true, why is it that so often when someone is asked who they are, they reply with what they do for a living?

What if we take it a step further with terms like, “my hand”, “my heart”, or even “my body”? Obviously you don’t identify your most fundamental essence of being with your hand, but it is a part of your body. Yet if we are not our bodies and they are rather just something that belongs to us, then where and who are we?

Taking it further still, what about phrases like, “my thoughts”, “my feelings”, “my personality”, or even “my consciousness”? If we are not these mental processes that allow us to experience reality, then what are we? WHO are we?

Finally, what if we were to delve even one step deeper and really think about what we mean when we say the words, “my soul”… If we are that one most basic essence of what most of us identify as our truest self, our SOUL, then why do we talk about it like it’s something separate from us. If it’s your soul, then where are you?

“Who am I?”

To contemplate this question is meditation.

And the best part..?

There IS an answer to the question,
and that answer is already within you.
It’s within all of us.
We just need to tune out the noise and distractions that fool us into identifying with those things which we are not. It’s not easy, but it is possible by the means of practice and detachment.

This class doesn’t have all of the answers, but it can help get you started down the path.
You come, take practice.


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